Service Descriptions

Restaurants / Sports Bars

Audio Contractors supplies the highest quality sound and video systems for your venue. We strive to meet your performance needs and stay within your budget. We understand the unique environment of your establishment and that quality sound, lighting and video systems are key components to impressing your customers upon their first visit as well as maintaining the repeat business that helps your business grow. Audio Contractors has done many customized installs in the Madison, WI area and look forward to working with more of this area's finer establishments to further promote the entertainment quality that many of your clientele have already come to expect.

Conference Rooms

Teachers, students and professionals throughout the Madison area and UW systems have enjoyed many of the benefits that Audio Contractors can bring to the classroom as well as the conference room. From the most basic needs of the smallest classes and presentations to the more complex requirements of large business and schools that incorporate an entire building, Audio Contractors has you covered. Whether it be basic communication or networked HD video and audio systems, business clients have discovered that a quality conference room system enhances the way you do business and increases your bottom line, actually saving money by decreasing the need for travel expenses and by more effectively implementing your plans or more quickly developing a new product. Audio Contractors is equally at home providing sound solutions for school hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums and sporting event fields.

Houses of Worship

Getting the spoken word across is extremely important. We can turn any House of Worship into a place where the spoken word can be heard and understood clearly. We also offer hearing assist systems, large scale video and DVR recording and remote controlled camera systems to help share your vision. Audio Contractors will also consult with you to help decide if acoustic treatment can greatly enhance your environment's overall sound while keeping in mind the unique aesthetic of your worship space. We understand the delicate needs of the smallest congregation and can tackle the elaborate requirements of the largest areas encompassing distribution of both audio and video in as many rooms as desired.


Night Clubs

If nightlife, a packed dance floor and clientele that comes early and stays is your goal, Audio Contractors can help you turn your venue into the local hotspot. Regardless of your space limitations and budget we are determined to give your venue maximum impact including amazing video, captivating lighting and intense sound. We can work with you to modernize your existing system so it will grow with your business or help you design and build the system of your dreams from the ground up. We are excited to provide you and your guests with the best possible experience when it comes to your nightlife environment.

Multiple Dwelling Units

Condos, Duplexes, Townhouses all need sound and video. Audio Contractors works closely with many builders in this market and have installed hundreds of quality AV systems in these dwellings at an affordable price. From budget audio / video design and wiring that future proofs your investment to comprehensive, fully automated control of everything from multiple zone lighting, audio / video distribution and home theater systems that rival your local Cineplex to security systems that include remote cameras, automatic locks, alarms and fire protection. Let Audio Contractors show you how you can make the most of your investment in your property.

Retail Stores

Background music is a commonly overlooked aspect in the big picture of the retail environment. Not only can the presence of background music help you create a desired atmosphere and help you develop branding with your customers, but research has shown that certain kinds of music heard through a system capable of quality playback can increase your customers staying time by as much as 17% and on average give you increased sales of 38% meaning more frequent return customers as well. Let Audio Contractors assist you in effectively implementing a cost effective audio/paging system that will propel your retail business into the future.


Rental companies, DJs and live bands all have varying needs for public address, monitoring and front of house sound reinforcement systems. Whether you require a small rehearsal system or demand a more complex rig including line array, stacks of subwoofers and multiple monitor mixes with either traditional stage monitors or discreet in-ear systems, Audio Contractors offers 25 years of professional audio experience to give you the tools you need to overcome your production obstacles. Mobile Disc Jockeys will benefit from our insight into the latest digital music mixing platforms and lightweight lighting. Bands and concert venues will also appreciate Audio Contractors understanding of the unique and varying demands of sound reinforcement in today's music scene.